Wii-Retro is for those who enjoy the nostalgia in gaming. You can add Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Playstation, and even Gamecube ROMS to your Wii easily. There is much more you can do with your Wii but for now, lets stick to the basics; gaming

Tools you will need:

  • Wii (of course, with Gamecube controller ports)
  • controllers (Wii and Gamecube ones)
  • SD card (at least 4gb capacity, bigger is better if you want more games, Gamecube games are 1.3gb each)
  • Computer that can take SD cards (you will need to go back and forth between your computer and Wii with your SD card a few times)

Step 1: Format your SD card to FAT32

First you need to make sure your SD card is formatted as FAT32, if not, you can do so through gui format HERE. Once that is complete, create 3 folders in your SD card, titling 1 “apps”, the other “Nintendont”, and the last “games”. Put Nintendont in your “apps” folder for now, that is your Gamecube emulator so we will get to that later.

Step 2: Download Homebrew Channel

Now you need Homebrew Channel which you can get through Letterbomb. You will need your Mac Address for this which you can find under “Wii settings” in the bottom left corner of your homepage, from there you go to “Console Information”, and while you’re there, also confirm what your Wii version is (should be 4.3U) in the upper right hand corner of the settings area, you will need to know that too.

Now you need to visit the Letterbomb site to input your information.

Also go ahead and “bundle the HackMii installer”, you may want to use it later. Enter your “CAPTCHA” and “cut the red wire” when prompted. This should start a “letterbomb.zip” file download. Once downloaded, right-click the file in your downloads and copy it to your SD card and then extract all the files there. Along with your “apps”, “games” and “Nintendont” folders, you should have your zipped letterbomb, a “private” folder, and other files like Apache-2, boot.elf, etc.

Now take your SD card from the PC and put it in the Wii. Click on the mail icon on the homepage on your lower right corner. When it pulls up scroll back a few days and forward, you’re looking for this;

Once you find it, open it.

NOTE: If you don’t see it, put your SD card back in the PC and make sure the letterbomb extracted fully and the extractions are on the main page of the SD card.

After the letterbomb is opened, you should get this after downloading it to the Wii

Now you want to install Homebrew channel and Bootmii

Now you should have Homebrew Channel on your Wii Homepage.


Step 3: Download Homebrew Browser

Next, you will want the Homebrew browser to download all your emulators. I found 2 versions; 3.9 and 0.3 but could only get the 0.3 to work, maybe you will have better luck. Move the SD card back to your PC and download one of these;



Once you have the zipped folder, copy it and put it in your “apps” folder on the SD card and extract it there. Once that is done put it back in the Wii and run Homebrew Channel and you should get a list like this but with just “Homebrew Browser”

Once you open it up, you should get an install page that may ask to update, in which case hit A when prompted;

You may get a screen that looks like it froze up, but just wait it out, shouldn’t take long and it looks like this;

From here you can play around and find games, emulators, or media but I just stuck with getting emulators.

Step 4: Download your basic emulators

Now it is time to download the emulators you want. They have quite a few like Nintendo, Super NES, N64, Sega, Atari, Playstation, and more. Once you have the emulators that you want, pull the SD card and put it back in the PC.

Once you have them inline, you can pull them up from the Homebrew Channel and play;




Step 5: Download your Gamecube emulator

Now, go to your “Nintendont” folder under your apps, download this file; Nintendont-dol and place it in your folder, change the name to boot.dol. You can also download this one, extract it and copy the “boot.dol (loader.dol)” and “meta.xml” files to the Nintendont folder as well.


Now, Nintendont is tricky, you don’t actually put the gamecube roms in there, for them you make a separate folder on the main SD card page and call it “games”. Get the games you want, extract them and place them in the folder. You need to double click on each Gamecube game folder you extract and change their “ISO” name to “game.iso” so one page should show all your Gamecube games and each of those should go to at least 1 file saying “game.iso”. Your directory at that point should look like this;

SD Card> Games> “game name”> game.iso

When you upload Nintendont from the Homebrew main page, it should take a few seconds and then take to the loader where you can pick from either SD or USB, whichever you have your games stored in.

Step 6: Download your ROMS

I found the best place to get roms are;



Just like all the other zipped folders, just extract the roms one by one in the “roms” or “games” folder of the emulator you are going to be using. Only Nintendont requires the file change of “game.iso”

Thats it! Wii-Retro at its finest. Got anything to add or did you run into a snag, feel free to drop a message.

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