The long time debate of humans coming from creation or evolution goes hand in hand with religion vs science, more specifically, we are talking about the religious myth of creation versus the scientific theory of evolution. There are not many subjects that can get a conversation heated up quite like this one and I want to provide some more critical theory to the matter because quite frankly, we should question everything on both sides and take it all with a grain of salt, because in reality, both are possibilities in the existence of humans, but neither are definitive. Let me explain….

First off, creationism is defined as the belief that the universe and living organisms are from the divine creation of a supreme being or higher god to some cultures while evolution is the belief that organisms inherently improve themselves through progressive inherited change over time. It is really a question of origins, but how will we ever know for sure what our origins exactly were? Earth is billions of years old supposedly, and DNA, which tends to prove the scientific theories, is on record as lasting anywhere between two weeks to a million years depending on the preservation of it. To those that get heated, does it even matter if one is more truer than the other? Nobody really knows if we were created or just evolved randomly, was it purposeful intelligence that led to us or just a random result of cosmic accidents?

If you are a creationist and you disagree with the science, you are exposed as a religious fanatic trying to disprove science in order to redeem a religious worldview. If you are an evolutionist and disagree with creationism, you are exposed as a god hating, scientific nut job. The fact is, neither model of origins has been established beyond a reasonable doubt, otherwise, the theory of evolution wouldn’t really be called the “theory” of evolution , and the myth of creationism wouldn’t be just a myth, now would it? Both are subscribed to by speculation, assumption, belief and faith.

People can, and will believe what they want, but I will always have a hard time believing what any man says is over millions, or even thousands of years old and passes as complete, undisputed facts. Evolution is real, that’s a fact, but whether we evolved from the same ancestors as apes millions of years ago can be as “factual” as creationism, it is still a theory because it is a witnessed pattern assumed to occur long before it was witnessed, proof of evolution only goes so far back and one has to know how the DNA was even preserved that long to be tested properly? Oldest DNA on record was frozen in Greenland and that was supposedly like five-hundred-thousand years ago, and was plant DNA. Scientists, like historians, disagree all the time; pluto, the ocean, mars, solar system in general, plants, etc. so how can we rely heavily on their research, which scientist is right? The one we want to be right? Same with religion, I’ve known many people with their own interpretations of the bible, it has been around man for too long to remain absolute truth in my eyes.

The only thing that truly matters from this discussion is that our views on morality, justice, purpose, humanity, obligation, and destination are closely tied to our views on human rights. Evolution teaches that as species evolve, they eventually will reach ideal population levels and superior species will eliminate inferior ones in a “survival of the fittest” way. Weak and inferior members of a species should be eliminated for the preservation of superior bloodlines and for the conservation of essential resources.

Now, if humans are merely a species of animal, we have no natural value to this world and are therefore by no means exempt from “the war of nature” either. Look no further than the likes of Hitler or Stalin who set out to eliminate what they felt were inferior members of the species that were multiplying.  A British anthropologist and anatomist known as Sir Arthur Keith even came to Hitler’s defense at one point, claiming Hitler of being an uncompromising evolutionist and believing we needed to seek deeper into evolution to understand his actions because Hitler was an evolutionist. Stalin, another known evolutionist, surpassed even Hitler in zeal, murdering at least ten times as many “inferiors”. You can see how a worldview can impact human behavior. Here, we see murder, a most disapproved human behavior, not only condoned, but encouraged by some people, because they too felt the inferiors of their species should be eradicated.

It really is an age old question that I don’t believe can ever really, truly, be answered, so why are people on one side or the other so quick to cast stones to their opposition? Investigate the evidences for yourself but I don’t believe anyone should be adamant on either subject one way or another, just recognize the possibility of each, both are much more beyond general human comprehension and there is no way to know whether the “proof” provided is actual proof. Going back millions of years, for which we have no idea about, it is possible that creationism started it and evolution continued it, who are we to confirm or deny?

Now, all this leads us to the “Big Bang” theory where supposedly all matter in the universe was compressed in an infinitely dense and hot mass, known as a “singularity”, which exploded and spread all the mass and energy it had stored to what our universe is today, as well as space, itself. Some would say the big bang is nothing more than a counter to the bible, such as “how a universe without God is created”. If the big bang is true, how did that cosmic egg known as the singularity come to be? Something had to have created it, right?

One thing for certain is one is required to lay aside his “common sense” in order to accept the foregoing incomprehensible speculation because neither theory has factual credibility, biblically or scientifically, they are merely possibilities and therefor should not have such solid lines drawn in their defense. You could say you give evolution a slight edge because we have witnessed it, but to believe evolution fully, you have to believe that something created the origin at some point. As Pope Francis said; “Evolution in nature is not inconsistent with the notion of creation, because evolution requires the creation of beings that evolve.”

Almost like saying “God created the football, the nature of evolution ran with it”.

Start thinking outside the box, there is more than one way to view something, anything, and everything. I’m not saying you have to accept what you don’t believe, I’m just saying you cannot dismiss it, just because you personally, do not believe it. That argument, like many others, is for the obstinate type.

If you’re an evolutionist or creationist, I’d love to hear your input on how or why you stand behind your theory or myth, comment below or send me an e-mail.