A while back I needed to make a house for our Sulcata tortoise to get away from the winter weather. After looking through so many options I decided to make one we could use as a bench as well. All in all, it cost me around $100 and a days worth of work, but that was because we went with a good piece of foam and decent fabric, you can keep it under $100 by shopping around or using old material. Since then, it has worked as comfortable seating and a good shelter for the tortoise.

Here is what you need;

(2) 4×6 lumber (cut to whatever length you would like)  4x6 wood

(1) 4×4 lumber (cut to whatever length you would like) cinder block

(8) “double” cinder blocks cinder block

(2) “single” cinder blocks cinder sin

(1) piece of plywood plywood

(1) foam pad foam pad

(1) piece of fabric fabric

After you determine what size you want to go and gather all your supplies, cut your lumber accordingly. Stack up cinder blocks in such a way that you can set the lumber in the slots on the top, like so;


Cut a piece of plywood and foam to matching length, then wrap that piece with the fabric and stretch it tight up top, using a heavy duty stapler on the back side to secure it. Once completed you can add pillows, blanket, back rest, etc. post

Now have a seat, and show your sulcata his new home, we added a heating pad too as well as blankets to block the cold out

sulcata house

You can modify this however you see fit, I am only throwing out a sample of what worked for me. I was limited to space but I have seen other friends wrap their whole backyard fence with this type of bench.


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