How to make a picture slide show with audio through Windows Movie Maker;

Find your Movie Maker in your programs folder and open it up. It should look similar to this;


Under “Capture Video” you can import your videos, photos and/or audio.

wmm capture

After you import photos/videos you can move them 1 by 1 in the order you want or scroll over and highlight them all to move them all at once down to the boxes

wmm transfer

Do the same with audio

music transfer

Which will revert you to timeline mode where you can adjust where the song starts

timeline switch

Then you want to revert back to story mode


To add transitions to your photos during the video


You can revert back and forth through “storyline” and “timeline” to edit your video like sliding pictures to key parts of songs to make the lyrics fit the photo.

You can fit 13-17 photos per minute of music; 13 being without any transitions, 17 being with transitions for each picture.


Once all the pictures/videos are in the order you want and transitions are set to your liking, you’re ready to save

sort and finish

After you save the video you will be able to watch it on a media player as well as upload it to e-mail, Facebook, websites, etc.

Here are a couple Memorial Day Tributes I have made in the past;

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