If you are sick of paying for outrageous cable prices, get an android box and add KODI to it. You can watch damn near anything on your time, no more schedules or commercials. Follow these easy steps and you can say bye to cable in no time;

Step 1: Android Box

You will need an android box first, and foremost. I have 2 different types that I use, which you can purchase through Amazon for around $50, just hit the link.


Step 2: Setup Internet;

Once you have your android box and fire it up, you will need internet, either run an ethernet cord to your box or go to settings and setup your wifi.

Step 3: Find KODI app;

Next you will need to find the KODI app, the easiest way is to download through the Google play store which should already be on your box and have a logo like this;

google-playYou will need a Google (gmail) account to access the Google play store and once you are in just search for the KODI app and install it.

The other option is use the browser box and search for the download yourself but I highly recommend just going the gmail route, it is much easier. I’d also recommend creating a new account just for this in case you get rid of your box and don’t want your email account accessible.




Step 4: Find your sources;

Once you have the new KODI version (Jarvis is what I have but it could be a newer version by the time you get it) you are ready to plug-in some video add-ons;

First, scroll over to the “systems” tab and click “file manager” underneath it;




Next you will need to add some repository sources;


Fusion Repository

type in this for “Fusion” Tv-addons;


After you click done, you will want to name it, I recommend adding a * in front of the name so it is at the top of your list.

Super Repository

Repeat the same process for “Super Repository”;


Step 5: Find your repository;

Once those 2 are setup, you will want to back out to the main page, go into “systems” and click the “add-ons” tab;


and then click on “install from zip file”;


Then find your files and download 1 by 1. For Fusion I called it Fuze and for Super Repo I just named it Repo;


Under Fusion (Fuze) you will want to go to the following; “XBMC-Repos”


Scroll to the bottom and click “repository.xbmchub”. Go back through and grab “tknorris.release” and “exodus” as well on the same list.


Next you will want to add from repository again and this time click “Super Repo”

Click “Jarvis”




And finally “superrepo.kodi.jarvis.all”


Step 6: Add-ons;

Once that is complete, you are ready to add-on videos, go back to your add-on page and this time click “install from repository;


Instead of punching each one just click “all repositories”


then “video add-ons”


From there you will get a huge list of add-ons, I recommend “Castaway, Exodus (formerly Genesis), Navi-X, Phoenix, Icefilms, MovieStorm, Sportsdevil launcher and Stream all the Sources”. Getting Sportsdevil is tricky because it seems the original creators¬†stopped making it, fortunately, other guys have stepped up and brought it back but given the cyber world is all about updating and getting better versions all the time, nobody knows how long each will last so you just have to play around and find others. Here is how to get Sportsdevil;

Install Sportsdevil launcher;


Go to your main screen, under videos click video add-ons and start sportsdevil launcher;


You will get a note about needing community portal and asking if you would like to install it, click yes;




Now go back and relaunch Sportsdevil launcher and follow the next segments;





and there it is, you now you should have it under your add-ons;


Step 7: Customizing;

Now it is time to customize your main screen for easier access. Go back to “systems”, click “settings” and then “appearance”;





From here you can designate your 5 boxes for quick access so your main screen looks like this;


Step 8: Test and surf through;

Now you are free to surf the streaming world. Here is a clip of what Phoenix offers;


and to stream all the live sports games like NFL, Castaway and Sportsdevil are great;



NOTE: It takes patience to use these, you are streaming online so sources are not always available, you get multiple links and may need to try multiple to get a good quality version. For NFL games I like “LiveTV”, it bumps me off from time to time but I always find a working link.



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