After spending numerous hours working on electronics, everyone will have some kind of tip or trick to share to cut down maintenance time. Electronics can be very intimidating, one little mishap can set you back hours and/or fully erase critical data so one tip is to always back up your data somewhere (flash drive, external hard drive, cloud, etc.) in order to prevent these mishaps. I made this page to share some mishaps I have had, the solutions to remedy them, and as well as a few other tips I learned along the way when playing with computers and other devices.

First off, when dealing with computers as well as other electronics with the worldwide web, there are things you need to do in order to keep them in great shape and working properly, here is a basic list of tips;

  • Use passwords that are not easily detectable by anyone, other than yourself and change it on a regular basis.
  • Backup important documents and pictures online through a cloud or offline through CDs, flash drives, or external hard drives
  • Have PC protection; antivirus, firewall, cleaners, etc.
  • Use email filtering; when in doubt, throw it out
  • update your system(s) regularly
  • Let recipients know when you are sending them an email attachment
  • Remember viruses can come from anywhere at anytime, shit happens.
  • Lock your computer if you fear someone in the area may access it while away, you can do so easily by holding the window button on the bottom left of your keyboard and pressing the L
  • Password protect files like excel with critical info that you do not want to be altered by another user.
  • Use a secured credit card if possible when purchasing online
  • Lockdown your wireless connection
  • Scan e-mail attachments before opening them, even if from a trusted recipient.
  • Be careful downloading files and programs from sites you do not know or trust, if its something you feel you really need or want, run cleaners and scanners afterwards.
  • Don’t open unexpected email attachments, especially from unknown sources
  • Don’t use the same password for everything
  • Don’t open the PC case while still plugged in
  • Don’t panic if your computer crashes.
  • Don’t give out valuable information like credit card numbers or social security numbers unless through a secured site.
  • Don’t reply to junk or spam e-mail unless you know for sure it ended up in the folder by accident.


Recently I was shuffling around SD cards and flash drives in order to setup a Raspberry Pi for some old school gaming. During these tasks my external hard drive was corrupted and acted as if it was formatted even though it was never directly formatted. I spent numerous hours trying to retrieve data from the hard drive and finally was able to remedy part of the solution. Here’s how….


I love taking pictures, who doesn’t? There are only so many pictures you can have in your home though so I found another good use for all my photos; make video slideshows. I have made numerous videos for family, friends, holidays, birthdays, funerals, etc. and they are always a hit. Who doesn’t love a good timeline of past memories scrolling through with music playing? They make great gifts for parents, grand parents, kids and significant others. Break out your old photos and lets make a movie…. 



Want to have some old childhood games at your disposal, on one system? We are talking Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and many more. Heres how….



Want to watch your favorite shows and movies on your schedule? Better yet, want to have more movies and shows than you can think of at your disposal? Or how about streaming all the live sports around the world? Here’s how….