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When it comes to work around the shop or home, in order to do it yourself you are going to need tools to get the job done. I have thrown together a list of basic tools that everyone should have at their disposal. You can purchase kits at Amazon for a fair price, the one above is a decent set by Pittsburgh which you can pick up for just over $50;

Or if you want to go a little bigger and better you can go with a Crescent kit for around $100

Now, lets go over some basics;

fastener is a piece of hardware that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together; screws, nuts/bolts, etc.

torque means to apply force by twisting

With fasteners, remember;

left is loose (counter-clockwise)

right is tight (clockwise)

The best way to accumulate tools is buying at least one every payday if you can’t afford to get a full kit, buy just one tool at the least, and your collection will grow pretty quick. I’d recommend starting with at least a small set from your local hardware or auto parts store that comes with a variety of things, then piece in others as you go. Here are the basics;





Hammers & Pry-bars








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